Siphon-trace heating – Frost Protection-Heating Cables for Retrofitting for use with all suction- and pressure side Siphons

The AquaKlima Siphon-trace heating prevents the freezing of condensate traps and lines through the automatic control of the thermostat.

The most efficient solution against frost damage at the air handling unit.

Description:  Siphon-trace heating

Permissible operating temperature -30°C to +65°C, built-in thermostat turns on at +6°C.
and off at +13°C.

heating cable lengths: 1,0 m, 2,0 m, 4,0 m und 8,0 m (16 W/m) 

Connection lead length:  1,50 m, 230 V (Schuko)

– easy installation

– low power consumption

– suitable for all siphons and pipes

– Easily retrofitted to existing devices

– self-regulating thermostat

– Supplied as a complete kit (without Siphon)

– various heating cable lengths available

Standard versions:

– Siphon-trace heating 1,0 m for Sondersiphon suction side – item-No. AQ-SBH-01 

– Siphon-trace heating 2,0 m for Sondersiphon pressure side – item-No. AQ-SBH-02

Special versions:

– Siphon-trace heating 4,0 m – item-No. AQ-SBH-04 

– Siphon-trace heating 8,0 m – item-No. AQ-SBH-08


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