Sondersiphon pressure side with stench trap, transparent  item No. 100600

The pressure side AquaKlima-Sondersiphon serves as drainage of HVAC units in wet areas in accordance with the terms of the air-conditioning techology.

The accruing condensation accumulates in a base tub then will run through a drain connection in the over pressure siphon (drain trap).Prior to commissioning, the siphon (drain trap) should be filled with water and be checked and cleaned through the sealing cap at regular intervals.

These over pressure siphon are also equipped with a consisting sealing ball, which

will be lifted up in the situation of an increasing water column. This enables the condensation to drain freely. The main advantage is that the ball can consistently close the pressure side siphon. As a result, the evaporation of the condensation will be prevented and the siphon will be functional for a longer period. Under dry conditions, the venting of air will be limited due to the sealing of the tube by the ball and therefore in non operating conditions, the ballforms a consistent seal.

Each air or ventilation device which produces over pressure must be equipped with a Sondersiphon to ensure trouble-free operation.

To each drainage outlet a Sondersiphon should be installed separately so it can slow down freely (hygiene).

The Sondersiphon is produced from non-organic polypropylene and is resistant to frost and heat, not frost proof. This you can achieve with the help of our Siphon-trace heating.

The crystal-clear, transparent pipes produced from highquality material (17 and 18) offer an essential maintenance advantage and therefore cost savings. They permit the siphon to be observed and by this means the hygienic condition of the siphon and the unit can be monitored without effort. Next to this, the condensation flow within the siphon can be well observed. So far, the siphon had to be unscrewed and illuminated, possibly causing operating units to be shutdown. Furthermore, and especially with the overpressure drain trap, the essential water column can be detected and by this way the maintenance effort will be reduced. As it may be necessary, water can be refilled through the screw cap. Measuring even operating pressures within a unit can be carried out easily and without great technical effort due to the difference of the two water columns. With regard to hygiene requirements, our transparent Sondershiphons are applied with increasing utilisation in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, universities, etc. and have been tried and trusted for years.

Technical information:

The standard delivery version is designed for 2,200 Pascal max. In case of marginal over pressure, the extension pipe or the bend can be shortened or the siphon can be placed in a sloping position (See adjoining measurement table). A safety factor of 1.5 has been taken into account in our measurement table, to adjust pressure fluctuations within the system.

The immersion tube can be lengthened in case of higher over pressure. They are available from stock.

1:  Rubber sleeve diam. 30/50
for connection ¾ “ – 1” 

2:  Rubber sleeve diam. 40/50
for connection 1 ¼” 

3: Connection pipe diam. 40/40
for connection 1 ½” (sealing) 

4:  Coupling nut 1 ½” (6 pieces) 

5:  Wedge sealing ring diam. = 40 mm
(5 pieces) 

6:  Bend joint diam. = 40 mm, 90°

8: Connecting angle diam. = 40 mm, 90°

9:  Flat seal 1 ½” (2 pieces) 

10:  Return valve with outlet 

11:  Sealing cap 1 ½” 

12:  Ball valve 

13:  Sealing cap 2” 

14:  Bend diam. = 40 mm, 180° 

17:  Extension pipe diam. = 40 mm,

18:  Immersion tube, diam. = 40 mm,

Over press.

2200 Pascal

2100 Pascal

2000 Pascal

1900 Pascal

1800 Pascal

1700 Pascal

1600 Pascal

1500 Pascal

1400 Pascal

1300 Pascal

H (in)

395 mm

380 mm

365 mm

350 mm

335 mm

320 mm

305 mm

290 mm

275 mm

260 mm 

H (out)

345 mm

330 mm

315 mm

300 mm

285 mm

270 mm

255 mm 

240 mm

225 mm

210 mm

Over press.

1200 Pascal

1100 Pascal

1000 Pascal

900 Pascal

  800 Pascal

700 Pascal

  600 Pascal

500 Pascal

 400 Pascal

300 Pascal

H (in)

245 mm

230 mm

215 mm

200 mm

185 mm

170 mm

155 mm

140 mm

125 mm

110 mm

H (out)

195 mm

180 mm

165 mm

150 mm

135 mm

120 mm

105 mm

90 mm

75 mm

60 mm

The siphon connection piece is suitable for all outlets ranging from ¾“ up to 1½“ (see installation manual). Larger or smaller connections are available upon request.

Further installation of the outlet can be assembled with commercially available drainpipes, without any difficulty.


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