Siphon-trace heating  
Frost Protection-Heating Cables for Retrofitting

The most efficient solution for frost damage at the air handling unit. 

The AquaKlima Siphon-trace heating, in combination with pipe-insulating, a maximum wall thickness of 13 mm and aluminium adhesive tape, protects pipes and Siphons from freezing. 

From a temperature of 6°C (declining), the thermostat switches on the trace heating system and turns off automatically at a temperature of 13°C. The heating cable can be delivered in three different lengths, starting from 1,0 m, 2,0 m, 4,0 m up to 8,0 m (16 W/m). 

The Siphon-trace heating is installed fast and easy and is suitable for an afterwards montage. Furthermore, the installation has the advantage that the complete pipework can be kept clear of ice. As the Siphon-trace heating system is wrapped around the unit with aluminium adhesive tape, a better heat transfer and weathering resistance is ensured. 

The simple installation, the low power drain and the inexpensive purchase is in your interest.

Delivery Included: 

– Sipon trace-heating

– Cable ties

– Aluminium tape

Siphon trace-heating types:

Siphon trace-heating 1,0 m
for Sondersiphon suction side
Item-No. AQ-SBH-01

Siphon trace-heating 2,0 m
for Sondersiphon pressure side
Item-No. AQ-SBH-02

Siphon trace-heating 4,0 m
Item-No. AQ-SBH-04

Siphon trace-heating 8,0 m
Item-No. AQ-SBH-08

Other lengths on request.


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